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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Snapshot of The Homeschool Gossip calendars for this week so far...

Here's a snapshot .jpeg of all the cool events on The Homeschool Gossip's calendars this week!

It’s always good to call ahead to verify events. Also, check keep The Homeschool Gossip posts and calendars for events being posted throughout the week too!!


Recurring WEEKLY Events
• Wednesdays: New Comic Book Day at Parker Banner Kent & Wayne - Comics & Games
• Wednesdays: Pokemon League at Pbkw Comics & Games don’t forget to get your coupon!!… or
• Thursdays: Dance Classes – Scottish Country Dancing at Charlotte Scottish Country Dance Society, Inc. or
• Fridays & Saturdays MTG Youth tournament and MTG Guild at Pbkw Comics & Games


Some of this week’s activities include:
Christian College Fair
• Trampolining
• Gymnastics
• Bowling at Fox's Alley Bowling Center
• Aw Shucks Farm Day at Aw Shucks Farms
• Free Open Play – 2 Different Locations!!
• NCHE Mom’s Retreat
• Blumenthal Students Show
• Essay Contest
• Various Events at Charlotte Mecklenburg Libraries 
Catawba Indian Village & Gem Mining at The Schiele Museum of Natural History
• Fire Truck Parade
• Teen Geek Club




Recurring MONTHLY Events
• 1st Friday of the Month: Teen Game Day at The Homeschool Room Huntersville
• 1st & 3rd Friday of the Month: Stargazing at Lucille Miller Observatory
• 2nd Monday of the Month: Teen Booktalk at The Homeschool Room Huntersville
• 2nd Friday of the Month: Roller Skating at Fryes Roller Rink
• 3rd Tuesday of the Month: Chess Players Club at The Homeschool Room Huntersville
• 3rd Friday of the Month: Bowling & Billiards at George Pappas' Victory Lanes
• 4th Friday of the Month: Teen Sketch Club at The Homeschool Room Huntersville


 LKNsec Gatsby Gala 2017 Prom April 29, 2017 6:30PM website:


The Homeschool Gossip Calendars for details of the above events:

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