The Homeschool Gossip is the place to come to find out all about Homeschooling in the Greater Charlotte Area & beyond ~ from Rock Hill to Raleigh!

You'll find calendars of events and activities, list of co-ops, support groups and enrichment classes; Homeschooling FAQs and a Social Network to get you connected to other homeschoolers with similar ages and interests; there are even Marketplaces to buy & sell curriculum, toys and games!

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All ABOUT The Homeschool Gossip

"But what about socialization?!?” 
Yep. We’ve all heard it. The dreaded “S” word. The rumors about homeschoolers are we stay locked in the house all day and never interact with people outside our homes…HA! We can all have a good chuckle the next time we get asked that question!

The Homeschool G.O.S.S.I.P. is a place to come to find out about Homeschool & Homeschool friendly activities, events & classes available in our area! Let's socialize!

The Homeschool Gossip is a facebook page created to spread the word about all the enrichment activities, groups, classes and support available to homeschoolers in the Charlotte and surrounding regions ~ from Rock Hill to Raleigh.

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You will find the:
The Homeschool Gossip's calendars
          • Homeschooling Events & Activities
          • Teen Events
          • Enrichment Classes, Co-Ops & Tutorials
• List of Homeschool Support Groups: These are information loops on Facebook, Yahoo Groups and Websites. You can find general support, social activities, curriculum advice, etc.
• List of Homeschool Co-ops & Tutorials: These are where you find academic support, and socialization through classes. Many co-ops also provide general support as well as social activities.
• List of TEEN events, activities & clubs for the 13 & up crowd.
• List of Special Interests Clubs for those with a passion for sports, drawing, gaming, books and more!
• List of Social Clubs for KIDS to join (with their parents)!
• Sponsored List of current Homeschool Enrichment Classes & Services being offered.
• Sponsored List of current Homeschool Special Offers, Places, Activities & Events being offered.
• List of current GWL Homeschool Codes
Homeschooling FAQs & Free Resources for those who are considering or new to homeschooling.
• Nationally Standardized Testing Options can be found on the Homeschooling FAQs list and the Homeschooling Services List.

These lists are ever growing! If you know of other homeschooling events and activities, co-ops and support groups, or would like to see your service or class listed, send The Homeschool Gossip a message or an email to
Please feel free to share with friends and other groups!
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