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Friday, November 11, 2016

NERF Battle Extravaganza ~ ALL AGES ~ Mint Hill!

Organizers & Hosts: Pat & Erik (age 15) Robinson of Explore & Discover


NERF Battle Extravaganza -- All Things NERF 

A Grand NERF Battle !

WHEN: Tuesday, November 22nd, 1pm-3pm

WHERE: New Mint Hill Park; soccer field
8850 Fairview Rd, Mint Hill, NC

WHO: All ages welcome. There will be a bunch of teens!

WHAT: Each participant could maybe also donate 10-20 darts to the NERF Battle (not required, but would be appreciated). That way "lost darts" are not so distressful. Mark your darts for identification purposes and ease of recovery. :).

There are some NERF bows and arrows too; All NERF weapons welcome.
Recommended: Eye protection for safety, not mandatory, but sunglasses or pool goggles will do.

RED and/or BLUE T-SHIRT – For team identification purposes.

FAQ: My son was curious how they will handle bullets?

Pat Robinson: It is chaos. Simply chaos. LOL 

We've done this multiple times with large groups. If the kids mark their darts in some manner: red dot on one end or the other; double dots, slash/dot, double slash, or squiggly nail polish, etc. the darts will me more identifiable at the end.

During the battle, the darts are a free-for-all to pick up, reuse, and shoot "spent darts". After one team's "FLAG" is captured, everyone reloads with miscellaneous darts. Battle resumes. 


At the end of the Battle Extravaganza, everyone unloads all darts and we collect them all into a big pile to sort to their original owner. 

(Easiest is to assume one will bring 10 darts and consider them a "donation" to the game. But, generally, everyone is able to identify "their" darts to take home, at the end!)

~ Hosted by Pat and Erik (age 15) Robinson 


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