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Monday, March 13, 2017

March Madness Ski discounts for homeschoolers - March 11th until March 17th

 From: Glenna Toney < <>

 March Madness Ski discounts for homeschoolers

 Beech Mountain has snow in the forecast for Monday, March 13th - Wed. March 16th.

 Please pass this information along to other homeschoolers

 March Madness Discount Rates: March 11th until March 17th

 Additional March Dates are added at a discount rate. Please check Beech Mountain website for slope conditions and to be sure they are open before going.

 Please register by 8 pm the night before the ski date starting Sat. March 11th.

 All ski rates from March 11th until March 17th are $17. Please email Beech Mountain Group Sales ( <>) by 8 pm the night before the ski date to get registered to ski the following date. March Madness Reservations will only be accepted via email to Beech Mountain Group Sales ( <>).

 Please email Glenna Toney, < with any questions about the March Madness Discount Rates.

 In the update on your website, it says that I must register through Beech Mountain Group Sales. Do I also need to send you an email to get the Riders Choice discount or will I receive the discount through the email with Beech Mountain?

 Just send the email directly to the Beech Mountain Group Sales email address. Please put Riderschoice and the ski date in the subject line.

 Do I still need to take proof of homeschooling with me during March Madness?

 Yes, please continue to bring proof of homeschooling with you each visit.

 In the email to Beech Mount Group Sales, do I need to include that we wish to use the Riders Choice program in order to get the discount?

 Please include all of the normally required information in the email for a ski reservation. All of the information needed is still listed on <>

 Is the total price for lift tickets, equipment rentals including helmets, and an hour group lesson for people ages 8 years and older $17 per person?

 Yes, March Madness price from March 11th - March 17th is only $17 and includes all of the above.

 Will the discount be for both skiing and snowboarding?

 Yes, March Madness discount includes both skiing and snowboarding

 Will non-homeschoolers in our group receive a discounted price from the original Riders Choice cost? What would be their total cost for skiing? For snowboarding?

 Just for March Madness only, please include non-homeschoolers in the reservation with homeschoolers as long as they arrive with the homeschool family and register together.

 Does this discount end on March 17th even if Beech Mountain remains open?

 At this time, yes the March Madness discount ends March 17h even if Beech Mountain Ski Resort stays open. Unless, the group sales manager approves it for a longer period of time.

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