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Sunday, March 26, 2017

NCHE Weekly Homeschool News—March 22

From: NCHE
Date: Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 8:31 PM
Subject: Weekly Homeschool News—March 22

The Talent Showcase is always a highlight of the conference for all ages with the attendance well over a thousand. The deadline to submit auditions to the committee is March 31. The committee is open to a variety of talents, so don't limit your thinking to the usual music and dance. Some of the past talents have been film making, drama, Tae Kwon Do, jump rope and sign language. Help us spread the word to all of your talented homeschool friends.

Thrive! Weekly Give-Aways
Win free conference admission! Just go to the conference home page, and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find a place to enter this drawing. 

Congrats to this week's winner:  LeAnne Osuna of Clemmons
Legislative Updates
NCHE Positions on Current Bills
Tax Credits for Homeschoolers
NCHE supports HB329, Home School Education Tax Credit. This credit will be similar to the dependent child tax credit that parents can currently claim. This bill will allow families to claim $1,250.00 per semester for each student that is homeschooled. This bill will not add any new regulations to the current homeschool law. NCHE supports this bill, but we will be working to make some changes to the language.

Homeschoolers and Public School Sports
NCHE has taken a neutral position on S159 and S254 (homeschoolers and public school sports and extracurriculars). We want homeschool parents to contact their legislators and express their support or opposition. There are many homeschool families who would welcome the opportunity for their children to be able to participate in public school sports. Conversely, there are many homeschool families who oppose these bills because they believe that allowing public school regulation of homeschools whose students are participating in public schools sports will be a stepping stone for public school regulation of all homeschools.

Lowering Compulsory Attendance Age
NCHE is opposed to this bill as it is currently worded because it would cause the testing of 6-year-old homeschooled children. However, we hoping to get something worked out and feel positively that we can. If so, we may support this bill.

This Week's Article
In the fall of 2016, North Carolinians for Home Education Athletic Commission (NCHEAC) held the girls volleyball and boys soccer tournaments in Greensboro. Many of the athletes who were given awards at the tournaments were from the Wilmington area and play for the SHS Cardinals homeschool league.

Special Graduate Issue
Alumni Updates 
The special graduate issue also features updates on our alumni. If you are a homeschool alumni, please send us an update on your life since homeschool graduation or since your last update. Here is your chance to encourage other homeschoolers with the world of possibilities. Start with your name and high school graduation year, "Jane Smith '02...," and limit it to 350 characters, including spaces. Send them to by March 23. Parents, if you have alumni children, please let them know about this opportunity.
Graduate Opportunities
Graduation Junior Marshals
Calling all homeschooling high school students!  Would you like to participate in our graduation ceremony this year as a junior marshal?  We would love to have you apply by filling out the application at graduate central. Deadline is April 1.

NCHE prints a distinctive diploma. These are available year-round and shipped within four weeks.

In addition to the graduate recognition paragraph and head shot photo, NCHE provides the opportunity to purchase a 1/2 page or full page collage ad at a greatly reduced price to celebrate your graduate in a special way. You can choose to design your own collage, or we can design it for you.​
Homeschool Opportunities
Join NCHE on April 14 as we explore American history at Tryon Palace, New Bern, North Carolina!

NCHE has worked with the Hornets to bring you Homeschool Night with the Charlotte Hornets, April 8, 6:00 p.m., Charlotte, NC. The game will be with the Boston Celtics. 
We would like to recognize the MVPs from the 2016-2017 season. These are outstanding athletes! Congratulations all!
Volleyball East: Kailey Macy, Durham
Volleyball West: Koral Held, Forsyth
Boys Soccer East: Eric Barry and Tim Bizzell, East Wake
Boys Soccer West: Conner Morgan, Cabarrus
Girls Basketball East: Ally Stone, North Wake
East Defensive Player of the Year: Gracie George, South Wake
Girls Basketball West: Braelyn Whiteside, Asheville (also Defensive Player of the Year)
Boys Basketball East: Cameron Buchanan
East Defensive Player of the Year: John Stoffregen, North Wake
Boys Basketball West: Raeshawn Sutherland, Cabarrus and Isaiah Abbott, South Charlotte
West Defensive Player of the Year: Thomas Hailey, South Charlotte
We also have several Coaches of the Year to recognize:
Volleyball East: Amy Jones, Durham
Volleyball West: Amy Mull, Asheville
Boys Soccer East: Rodney Miller, North Wake
Boys Soccer West: Jeff Rowan, Forsyth
Girls Basketball East: Jared Foulke, South Wake
Girls Basketball West: Todd Hill, Surry
Boys Basketball East: Kyle Mendenhall, North Wake and Gilbert Portela, Goldsboro
Boys Basketball West: Eddie Lambert, South Charlotte
Article of Interest
Each week we look for articles that you might be interested in so that we can share them with you. 

(Life of a Homeschool Mom)

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