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Monday, January 29, 2018

FREE MakerSpace Charlotte Open House ~ Makerscouts 1st Fridays ~ All Ages

1801 North Tryon St Suite 611, Charlotte, North Carolina 28206
(430) 336-8478

The first Friday each month Makerspace Charlotte hosts a free open house for young and old. If you've never been before, or if you've been many times on other nights, the first Friday MakerScouts event is special. We dedicated this night to showing off many projects with hands on activities. There are no age limits on activities ( 6 year olds are just as good at crashing out quad copters as 60 year olds ). Waivers are required for all in attendance and kids must be supervised (by you). Tell all your friends and come on out. RSVP not required but appreciated :)

We will have lots of free activities for you to try your hand at. Some common themes of which we will do many of on any given first Friday (influenced by RSVP notes):

• Rockets
• Dry Ice
• Liquid Nitrogen
• Nodebots
• 3D Printing
• Metal working
• LEDs
• Soldering
• Micro controllers
• Trebuchets
• Non-Newtonian Fluids
• Steam Boats
• Quadcopters
• Motorized paper airplanes,
• Astronomy
• etc...

We'll also have some new kits for sale with hands on instruction. The kits aren't free, but they're lots of fun and help us keep the space alive. As a non-profit, all volunteer organization we also very appreciative of donations. The kits will be in limited supply available on first come first serve basis and offered at a discount to members.

• LED Tree
• Advanced Compressed Air Rockets
• Brushbots
• Forged Swords
• Gliders
• Whirly Gig Helicopters Less

Great gift idea for homeschoolers!

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