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The Homeschool Gossip's List of Kids Social Groups!

Facebook homeschool groups aren’t just for the parents anymore! There’s a new trend happening, facebook social groups for kids!

What came first the meeting or the group?
Some of these social groups started with a club meeting or class, while others began as an online group, either way they are a great way for the kids to stay connected or get connected with others that share their passions and interests!
As homeschool parents we rely heavily on our groups to stay connected, happy and sane. As our children enter their teen years they no longer have their co-ops and play dates. It’s all about dual enrollment classes, enrichment classes, their first job and oh so much homework! It’s a bit of an adjustment, in just a short time, they go from fun-fridays and park lots of work and little time for play. As a result their known social groups begin splintering as individual responsibilities grow. SO, just like their parents, there are social groups to help them stay connected, happy and sane :-)! If they can’t get to a once a month sketch club, they can still stay connected online! If they can’t get to that booktalk, they can share their excitement about their new favorite book!
Here is a list of some of the Homeschool Social Groups for Kids! A HUGE thank you to all the people who made this list possible!! If you know of a group that is not listed here, or are starting one, please message or email The Homeschool Gossip to get it on the list!
  • Homeschoolers P.A.W. ~ Homeschoolers Passionate About Writing is a social group. It is open to Homeschool students and their parents who would like to share their love of writing through posting inspirational memes, pictures, quotes…and perhaps some of their work.
  • HSR Teen Sketch Club ~ A place for our Teen Sketch Club artists and their parents to stay connected between meetings! We invite members to share their art and we'll have some fun by posting some draw challenges! We have monthly meetings at The Homeschool Room Huntersville too!
  • HSR Teen Booktalk Club ~ This is a place for us to keep in touch and share information about our favorite books and our Teen Booktalk club! We have monthly meetings at The Homeschool Room Huntersville too!
  • THSG Teen Scene Social Club ~ This group was created for Teens and their families that have connected at different Teen Social Events posted on The Homeschool Gossip to stay connected and coordinate attending more events!
  • Cliff Hangers HS Climbers


In addition to these on-line social groups, there are many special interest meetup clubs in our area, checkout The Homeschool Gossip Special Interest Clubs list!
Do you have a group you meet with, or a class your kids enjoy? Why not create a “secret” facebook group just for the kids, “Kids of the Co-op” or “Peeps of the Playgroup”. Secret facebook groups can only been seen by members and do not show up in searches. Parents can still join to monitor things and the kids have a place to connect. “But my kids don’t have facebook accounts.” No, but you might. So you can just show them when things are posted and comment or share something on their behalf. There’s still a that feeling of belonging. This can even be achieved through yahoo group as well!

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