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Monday, December 11, 2017

Some HIGHLIGHT events on The Homeschool Gossip's calendars this week 12/11/17

Here are just some of the HIGHLIGHTS events on The Homeschool Gossip's calendars this week! There are many more on the calendars (see below).
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What type of homeschooler are you? Eclectic, classical, unschooler...? Answer in the comments!
*Tickets on sale now for The Homeschool Gossip's Teen January Dance! "It's Not A Holiday Sock Hop"
*GCHC 3rd Annual Christmas Concert "Sing We Now of Christmas"
*LKN Daily Elementary Playground Fun
*Teen Gaming Event - Werewolves in Concord!
*Homeschool Bowling Meet Up in Monroe!
*Homeschool Bowling & Billiards
*Teen Event - LKNsec Homeschool 2017 Family Holiday Party
*NICHE Homeschool Group Christmas Concert!
*CHEA Chats - MNO Fellowship for Homeschool Moms
*It's a Board Game White Elephant Christmas ~ Cornelius
*Check out the HOMESCHOOL DAYS & SPECIAL OFFERS page for events this week and coming up!
*Beech Mountain Homeschool Days through Riders Choice Dec. 11-15!
*Homeschool Week at Sea Life!
*French-Swiss Ski College Homeschool Day
*Budding Adventures - Reedy Creek Park and Nature Center
*Latta Plantation Nature Center Events throughout the week:
Write Your Hike (Ages 9-12)
Crafty Critters (Ages 4-11)
Coffee and Color By Campfire (Ages 16 and up)
Winter Wildlife Hike (All Ages)
*Star Gazing @ Lucille Miller Observatory Maiden, NC
*The Mecklenburg County Park & Rec Nature Centers have some great events scheduled!
*The Mt. Holly Branch Library has a great list of events planned!
*The Harrisburg Library has a great list of events planned too!
*Story Time at Matthews Christian Library
*Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Events ~ There are many Teen events this week at CM Libraries! Book clubs, Writing Club, Geek Club, Homeschool Connections and More! Check the calendar for details!
*Trampoline Homeschool Specials at W8Less, Urban Air Trampoline Park, Big Air Charlotte, Sky High & Defy Gravity
*Homeschool School Rock Climbing ~ Mooresville
*Pokemon & MTG Play times:
Pokemon League & MTG Youth Tournament at Parker, Banner, Kent and Wayne Comics and Games in Cornelius
& Play time at The Mighty Meeple in Concord
*More events are on The Homeschool Gossip's Events Page, in addition to what's on the calendar below!
View The Homeschool Gossip calendars completely in scrollable lists with clickable links to all event details below! Don't forget to check these Calendars often, new events are added throughout the week! Bookmark the page for easy access:

Would you like your class listed on this calendar? Contact The Homeschool Gossip to find out how.

*Check out the HOMESCHOOL DAY'S & SPECIAL OFFERS page for events this week and coming up!
Coming up: Homeschool Week at Sea Life Aquarium, Homeschool Night with the Hornets, and more!!
*The Homeschool Gossip's January Teen Dance ~ Friday January 12, 2018 - TICKETS ON SALE NOW!
"It's Not A Holiday" Sock Hop
Join us for a night of music, dancing, games,
light snacks and refreshments!

Wear your favorite outfit and a pair of crazy socks
and join us for some fun!

Bring along a pair of matching socks and a wrapped gift
for our "Regifting Gift Exchange" game!
*Winter Formal 2018 ~ Jan. 26, 2018
*Feb 3, 2018 North Carolina State-wide Math Competition in Raleigh Open to Homeschoolers!"
*PROM The 10th Annual LKNsec 2018 Prom Medieval Masquerade ~ April 27, 2018
Recurring Monthly Events
*1st Tuesday - Teen Artist Sketch Club Meeting: From Sept ~ April: Join the THSG Teen Artist Sketch Club for details
*1st & 3rd Fri. - Stargazing at Lucille Miller Observatory: All Year
*1st & 3rd Thurs - Cabarrus Homeschool Gamers Club Meeting 1:00PM: All Year
*2nd Friday - Roller Skating at Frye's Skate Rink: All Year
*3rd Friday - Teen Climbing Meetup at Cliff Hangers Climbing & Fitness Gym: All Year
*3rd Friday - Bowling & Billiards at Bowling Pappas: All Year
Opportunities To Help:
*The Homeschool Gossip's Homeschooling Q & A's Support Group - If you are a veteran homeschooler consider joining to help lend advice and support to those families new to homeschooling. If you have questions about homeschooling please join and post your questions, there are people to help answer them!
*The Homeschool Gossip's Service Projects Collaboration - Looking for Service Projects? Join the Service Projects Collaboration to join in and coordinate service projects for families with children of all ages.
*The Homeschool Alumni Network Page & Meet Ups Group!
The Homeschool Gossip's Alumnet ~ The Homeschool Alumni Network is a place to find resources, events and activities for older teens and twenty-somethings in the greater Charlotte and surrounding areas. (Rock Hill to Raleigh)! Join the THSG Alumnet - Meet Ups facebook group! It was created for homeschoolers on their way to graduation and those who have graduated, so that they can connect with other homeschool alumni in our area. Parents add your grads, grads add your friends and add new friends you meet!
Click the link for more details!
*Visit The Homeschool Gossip Social Network to find groups to fit your family!
A network of social groups to help you connect with other homeschoolers through common interests and ages! Find these in the Groups section of facebook page and on the!
*The Homeschool Gossip Marketplaces!
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